Chickens Laugh Out Loud picture book series


A few years ago I decided I would like to keep chickens. However, instead of buying pedigree chickens I decided I would like to rescue some from a battery farm. I had seen pictures of them kept in small cages, never seeing the light of day, never feeling the sun on their backs, and never feeling the grass beneath their feet. So I took myself off to a local egg factory where they kept in excess of one thousand chickens in hot and steamy broiler houses. As it happened they were just about to send a load off to slaughter, and so I ended up going home with not just two or three, as I had planned, but with twenty-five!  Most of the hens could not walk, were almost bald, and were not used to being in the dark, because lights are kept on 24 hours a day to increase egg production.

I converted a shed into a coop, and filled a greenhouse with straw bales, and the way those chickens reacted to freedom took my breath away. I was amazed at the characters of those hens, their funny antics, the twinkle in their eyes, and the way they followed me around the garden like a dog. I loved them from the start, and never expected to have such strong emotions for what, after all, were only chickens.

Being a writer, I decided to write about their escapades, later turning the stories into rhyme as I thought children would love to hear about these crazy chickens. Earlier this year I came across Jack Foster on Facebook and was immediately drawn to the incredible characters that he had created. I sent him the rhymes and he responded that he would love to illustrate the poems, and so the Chickens Laugh Out Loud series was born.  The first was The Chicken Farm, followed by The Apple Tree, and later Rainy Morning. I was so excited that Jack was able to bring my crazy chicken characters to life. There are three more books in the series. We now have Poor Little Billy and The Best Egg. Just one more due out later in the year.

Books One, Two and Three are available on Amazon on the following links:

Book One: The Chicken Farm

Book Two: The Apple Tree

Book Three: Rainy Morning

Book Four: Poor Little Billy

Book Five: The Best Egg

Book Six:   Little Ruth

What's It All About? 

The Chicken Farm:  The Chicken Farm is book 1 in Jane Finch's charming 6-book series CHICKENS LAUGH OUT LOUD - rhyming books for young children. Jack Foster's colorful illustrations set the scene as the dog chases the fox away and saves the day, the chickens refuse to lay eggs, and a playful kitten joins in the fun. Just another day on the chicken farm!

The Apple Tree:The chickens on the chicken farm are getting into mischief again. They all descend on the apple tree and eat too many apples. Now they feel bad. They complain and moan until the farmer doses them up with medicine to make them feel better. Then what do they do? You’ll have to find out, but as always with these chickens, it’s not what you expect.

Rainy Morning:The weather is awful but the chickens are yelling, they want their breakfast and they want to be let out so they can go exploring. But oh dear, once they see the rain and how wet and muddy it is, and how the wind howls, they refuse to go outside. Just another normal day on the chicken farm.

Poor Little Billy: Poor little Billy chicken is being picked on again. All she wants to do is play with the other chickens, but they won't let her join in. She watches from a distance, feeling sad, until the farmer appears. When the other chickens cannot see, the farmer gives Billy lots of cuddles, and she doesn't feel sad any more.

The Best Egg:  The chickens are picking on poor Billy again. The other chickens laugh at her attempts to lay an egg, but they have to change their tune when they see that Billy has laid the biggest egg that has ever been seen on the farm. Billy is finally accepted in to the flock, and is very happy.

Little Ruth: Everyone loves little Ruth, but it's a busy farmyard and when she can't get to the nesting box in time to lay her egg, she worries the other chickens will be angry with her.